Saturday, 8 August 2009

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do...

I'm really enjoying stitching this and got quite a bit done - for me - this last week.

Reflexology Part 2

Well, the cutting out of bread hasn't been too bad but I know that I'll fall back to it every now and again. Lunch is the worst because I always had a baguette/sandwich so now I've got to be organised and take a salad into work or have a baked potato (which will get very boring after a while.)

Caffeine is basically gone - just had to drink a couple of cans of diet coke that I had and that's it. Again, I'll fall back every now and again because very few places sell caffeine-free diet coke (and I'm addicted to the stuff!) but as long as I don't drink it every day, I should be OK.

I had my second session last week and although I didn't fall asleep it may have been the catalyst in me taking Tuesday to Friday off work :-) Funnily enough I didn't actually sleep that well but unfortunately made up for it by very long naps on the settee in the afternoons. I'll see how I feel Monday morning as to whether I have another day off...

Sunday, 2 August 2009


Had my first session with Andrea last Wednesday and it was very interesting - she suggested that I cut out bread (eek!), caffeine (much less of an eek) and cut down on red meat (not a problem).

She also said that I'd gone back to work far too early after the op and would like me to take another month off now!! Ummm... not going to happen, unless I get a paper from my GP! Mind you, as I had a blood test on Friday as well, due to the GP thinking that I'm fighting some infection, then that may be possible. We'll see...

Andrea was great - very easy to talk to and I have a feeling that when I have my first "proper" session Monday evening I'm going to fall fast asleep!

I'd never thought of reflexology before but as it had been highly recommended by two good friends I thought I'd give it a go - and I'm glad that I did.