Saturday, 8 August 2009

Reflexology Part 2

Well, the cutting out of bread hasn't been too bad but I know that I'll fall back to it every now and again. Lunch is the worst because I always had a baguette/sandwich so now I've got to be organised and take a salad into work or have a baked potato (which will get very boring after a while.)

Caffeine is basically gone - just had to drink a couple of cans of diet coke that I had and that's it. Again, I'll fall back every now and again because very few places sell caffeine-free diet coke (and I'm addicted to the stuff!) but as long as I don't drink it every day, I should be OK.

I had my second session last week and although I didn't fall asleep it may have been the catalyst in me taking Tuesday to Friday off work :-) Funnily enough I didn't actually sleep that well but unfortunately made up for it by very long naps on the settee in the afternoons. I'll see how I feel Monday morning as to whether I have another day off...

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