Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012!

Well, didn't 2011 go quickly?! Christmas flew as well (as usual) and it's back to work tomorrow so no more late nights, late mornings, afternoon stitching or chocolate. I've been very bad with the choccies the last few weeks so my one and only resolution is to not eat any more...

I'll start with an end - this is the culmination of my 2011 TUSAL.

I didn't keep up with posting every full moon but I'm going to try my best this year.

I also did quite a lot of stitching on the Spanish Sampler and finished part 7 on New Year's Eve, so quite pleased with that:

Finally, my stitching list for the WiPocalypse. Not much different to last year and doesn't include any knitting but it'll keep me busy for a while!

1. Spanish Sampler (Periphaeria free 2008 project) (large)
2. Cards/bookmarks to sell for Many Tears Animal Rescue
3. Juggy Bug 2008 Year Sampler (medium)
4. Brushstroke butterfly ( (smallish)
5. Duck in rain (medium)
6. Cameo Silk hardanger by Judy Dixon (medium)
7. A Garden in Blue by The Design Connection (medium)
8. Spots of Fun by Debbie Draper (11 stitches in - a long way to go!) (medium)
9. Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove (1 line stitched!) (extra large!!)
10. Un-named freebie hardanger piece, cutting to be done (small)
11. A Walk on the Beach by Dimensions (smallish)
12. Cottage by Janlynn (small)
13. Blue Waters by Heritage Stitchcraft (medium, but it's got those stupid side-ways half stitches)
14. Hardanger Diamond by Suzanne Parnell (small)
15. Musical Comfort by Janlynn (medium)
16. "B" design for friend's Mum (medium)

I'm going to finish the Spanish Sampler, work on the duck in the rain then start on the B design for Jackie's Mum... that's the plan, anyway :-)


  1. The sampler looks great Helen. Keep up with the updates won't you.