Saturday, 27 February 2010

I won!

I very rarely win anything, so a big "Thank you" to Viv of Too Busy to Stitch blog who pulled my name out of the hat first :-) I've finally got round to taking a photo:
 From left top to bottom - a flip-flops beaded magnet, six Gentle Art fibres in autumnal colours, a pansies bookmark and a snowman bellpull. I love them all but especially the fibres as I have very few GAST threads.

Thanks again, Viv!

Stitching-wise, not a lot has been done over the last couple of weeks though I'm concentrating whatever stitching time I have on the Beatrix Potter sampler and still enjoying it. Tomorrow is  update day on the BPQS blog so I'll post a photo here too.

I've done a little bit of knitting, but not enough to really show off. I need to sew up one of the dog jumpers which I finished knitting a few weeks ago but keep putting that off as well...

I've also got big plans to spring clean the house, even if I just do a little bit here and there every day. One reason is that I'm planning a car boot/table top sale for the animal rescue some time in the summer so need to sort out a lot of stuff for that. Considering I've only been in the house for just over two years I really shouldn't have as much clutter as I do!


  1. It was a pleasure! One way to reduce some of MY clutter and pass it on, lol! Hope to do another one soon.

  2. Congratulations, Helen; it couldn't have gone to a better home xx