Thursday, 20 January 2011

A quick update

I'm stitching this Brushstrokes Butterfly in a SAL with some of the girls from Stitch Clubs (see the link thingie on the top right) and I'm killing two birds with one stone because I signed up to stitch a pink square for Love Quilts UK. I was going to stitch it in vareigated pinks but didn't have any - what I had was a bit too orangey for my liking so I'm just using different shades of Anchor pinks instead.

I've also joined the 2011 Up 4 a Challenge SAL ( where I've listed 15 UFOs/WIPs which I want to at least work on, if not finish, in 2011. Top of the list is Beatrix which I haven't picked up for a couple of weeks. I know I won't finish all of them because some are pretty big with very few stitches in, but it's a start!

Here's my list...

1. Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler (large)
2. Spanish Sampler (Periphaeria free 2008 project) (large)
3. Juggy Bug 2008 Year Sampler (medium)
4. Brushstroke butterfly ( (smallish) Not the one above, I've got another one started!!
5. Duck in rain (Cyberstitchers, I think, though I can't find it!) (medium)
6. Cameo Silk hardanger by Judy Dixon (medium)
7. A Garden in Blue by The Design Connection (medium)
8. Spots of Fun by Debbie Draper (11 stitches in - a long way to go!) (medium)
9. Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove (1 line stitched!) (extra large!!)
10. Un-named freebie hardanger piece, cutting to be done (small)
11. A Walk on the Beach by Dimensions (smallish)
12. Cottage by Janlynn (small)
13. Blue Waters by Heritage Stitchcraft (medium, but it's got those stupid side-ways half stitches)
14. Hardanger Diamond by Suzanne Parnell (small)
15. Musical Comfort by Janlynn (medium)

Ummm... help!! :-)

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