Friday, 12 October 2012

Sad times :-(

I haven't posted for a while, though I've done a bit more on Mrs Duck and started knitting a couple of dog jumpers to sell for the rescue.

I've been very sad recently because I lost my lovely puss-cat, Toffee. He was knocked down a month ago, though thankfully I didn't see him. He was a 12-year old kitten - still running around, jumping over his pal Pepsi (who's feeling very lonely) and only accepting cuddles on his terms. I just hope that the end was quick and as painless as possible.

Love you, Toffs.


  1. So sorry to hear about Toffee, Helen - PHil's beloved Tango was knocked down last month too, and was lucky to escape with bilateral fractures of her pelvis and degloving. She was restricted to cage rest for several weeks but is making grand progress now. Phil was really shaken up, and quite devastated at the time. Now very reluctant to let either of them out........ Hope the pain is a little less for you, and that you're not missing Toffee quite so much cc

  2. Helen, I'm so very sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. Toffee was a beautiful kitty and he is running around with the angels now, and smiling down on you and Pepsi.

  3. Thank you ladies :-) I know that some people think it's silly to grieve for a pet but he was one of "my boys". I still miss him and shed a tear or two when I come across certain photos but I also remember how he used to jump on me to wake me up then give me a lick in apology, or the times when he'd push his pal Pepsi away so that he could have prime position on my lap then put up with Peps virtually sitting on his head :-)

    Thank yuo for your kind words.