Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sad end to 2012

My last post was to do with losing Toffee in September - this one is about losing Pepsi just after Christmas :-(

He had congenital heart failure and went very quickly in the end, with my lovely vet coming out to the house to put him to sleep. He slipped away very quickly in my arms and though I had tears streaming down my face (and do now, typing this) I know that I did the right thing. He had less than two hours of discomfort - I don't think he was in pain - but he was also quite scared and tried to hide away but then came out to lie by me on the floor. He's buried in the garden, which is more than I could do for Toffee, so is still very near to me.

He had over 10 years with me of eating, cuddles and purring. Pepsi was a very chatty cat - he quacked rather than miawoed - and just looking at him would start him purring.

The house is so strange now, there's no-one to welcome me home or give me cuddles on these cold evenings. I've decided to adopt a couple of cats around Easter so that I'll have a long weekend for us to settle in together but Pepsi and Toffee will have a very special place in my heart for ever.

Love you Peps, hope you're now cuddled up nice and warm with Toffee.


  1. So sorry for your loss! It's not easy loosing our furbabies! Hugs and prayers!

  2. Oh Helen, so sorry to hear that. What wonderful memories you must have of the two of them. And now you'll get to make more when you get your new kitties, how exciting!

  3. Thank you, ladies. I do have some wonderful memories of them making me laugh and of lots of cuddles. I've got hundreds of photos and I know they'll always be in my heart.