Sunday, 2 June 2013

I can't believe it!

It's been four months since I posted last - time really has flown!

There have been a few changes at work with my line manager Dave leaving though as he's gone to work for the company which provides our highways systems we still see him pretty often.

Friends will be welcoming two new babies in October and November so I really should be knitting for them but at the moment I'm concentrating on knitting 8" squares to make up blankets for Syrian refugees via "Lily". I can't imagine the fear, loneliness and heartbreak that these refugees feel, especially the children so any small thing I can do, well, I'm going to do it.

I'm also trying to help out people closer to home by giving food and clothing to a local food bank. Every time I shop I just buy one extra of certain food items to go into a box to donate. I've also lost weight over the last year or so so my larger clothes are going there too - I just hope that I don't put on weight again!

The really good news is that I've adopted a cat - Poppy.

I got her from Llys Nini in Swansea and though she's not a very cuddly cat, she does sleep at the bottom of the bed at night and wakes me up with a nose bump :-) The house was so quiet after losing both Toffee and Pepsi last year that I only lasted about 6 weeks before starting to look round for another pusscat. Poppy is all black, loves washing my hands and arms and is incredibly chatty which makes coming home a pleasure again as she's here to welcome me.


  1. Poppy is just precious, you both are lucky to have each other!

    How wonderful for you to donate your time, talent and things for others, what a great feeling! I'm working on the donate part.

  2. That's a lovely thing to say, that we're both lucky to have each other as it really is true :-)

    I just think that I'm incredibly lucky - I'm reasonably healthy, have enough money to live on and can basically do what I want (within reason!) so helping others just seems the right thing to do.

  3. Congratulations on the adoption! Poppy is gorgeous!!!

  4. Congratulations to you and Poppy! She's beautiful. I adore black cats.

  5. Thank you :-) I love black cats too (well, I love any cat really!) with their sleek and shiny coats :-)